Copema Supertoto
PC program for better chance of winning



Better chans of winning
With Copema Supertoto it's easy, just three steps.       

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Step 1. Hedges

With Copema Supertoto you can hedge as much as you like and then reduce the number of rows according to your preferences. For each match you'll have 100 % to distribute as you wish on 1, X, 2. The higher percent that you have staked on the correct outcomes, the better your chance of winning.

Match 1 ends with a home win. The more rows that have a home win in your system, the better your chance of winning. 

Step 2. Conditions

You can improve your chance of winning even further with conditions on your rows. The program is working with single rows, is comparing each row with your set conditions and will only include rows that pass the comditions.



Condition 1. In this case four outcomes are selected. Each row in the system includes at least two of the selected outcomes.
Comditon 2. In this case you have selected outcomes in six matches. Each row in the system includes at least four of the selected outcomes.
Condition 3. In this case you have selected otcomes in ten matches. Each row in the system includes 3-8 of the selected outcomes. 

All selections are done with your mouse. Point and click in the program.

Step 3. Create syastem


Select as many rows as you like and click "Create".
The more rows you are selecting, the better chance of winning.




If you don't want to reduce the system, you can select the "Mathematical" option. You can then be sure of getting a row with all correct outcomes, as long as the correct row is within the frame of your hedges and in accordance with your set conditions.

The conditions means that the distribution in the system may differ quite substantially compared with the percentages for your hedges. Click on "Distribution" to see how the distribution of the outcomes turned out in the system. If you would like to change the distribution in the system, you can change your hedges or conditions and create new systems until you are satisfied.
Next, close the window and save the system by clicking "Save system" and "Reduced system". The file that you saved by "Save System", you should upload into the program when you are correcting the system, and the file you saved by "Reduced system" you skuld transfer to your chosen sports betting operator.

Complete instructions are available in pdf format.     See full instructions (in Swedish only)