Copema SuperScore
PC-program to improve chances of winning 


Improve your chance of winning                                                     Download a full free version
Bet the best rows from a larger system and exclude the ones                                                 Supertoto site
that are not as good. It will improve your chance of winning.
It's easy with Copema SuperScore, in only three steps.


Step 1. Choose your coupon and set your goals

The picture shows the program after start. Click on "Active coupons".

This will open a new window. Click on "Get active coupons".

Click on a row to select coupon. Then close the window.

Select goals by clicking the white boxes or in the distribution table. Select A, B, C or D for your goals. In the distribution table you change by repeated clicks. Normally, you select A for the ones you belive in most, B for next group etc. You decide what you select.


Step 2. Remove the less probable combinations

With the program you exclude the rows you believe less likely to be correct and pay only for the best rows in a larger system. There are six tools with which you can exclude rows. Select by using the mouse and clicking in the boxes. Each click will switch red/green.
Red = Not allowed
Green = Allowed 

The program will divide your full system into single rows, controlling each row against your settings and exclude rows that doesn't meet your requirements.


Will there be max 4 A-goals? Then you exclude all rows that contain 5 and 6 A-goals by clicking on A5 and A6

Will there be at least 2 A-goals? Then you exclude all rows with 1 and no (0) A-goals by clicking on A1 and A0.

Will there be a home win in the match? Exclude X and 2.

This will exclude all rows with three home wins.


We think there will be at least 2 goals in the match.

At least 5 goals for the home teams.

Max 2 in goal difference in this match.


Step 3. Create and save the system.

Click on "Create system" and you will see the number of rows. You can change whatever you wish, click on "Create system" to update, change again etc. until you are satisfied with the system. Then save the system with "Save system" and another time with "File to upload". "Save system" saves everything in the system. "File to upload" saves only the rows.


Download a full free version